1 How can you pay?

After the amount of energy consumed and certain conditions are met, we also charge a minute fee.

See our prices subpage for more information.

2 How much do we block in advance per charge?

We will charge HUF 3,000 from your card at the start of charging. If the amount payable is higher than this, we debit your account together with the amount exceeding HUF 3,000.
If the actual cost is less than HUF 3,000, we will only charge the actual cost, the remaining amount will be released immediately, but you will receive it back within the period according to the rules of your bank.

3 How do I enter a group ID number if I want to include it on my invoice?

Enter the group ID in the Tax Number field.

4 Is there a registration fee or monthly fee?

No, just register and you already have access to our more affordable prices and extra features.

5 What happens if I don't have enough money on my card for charging?

We will try to deduct the amount several times and if it fails, we will suspend your account and you will need to contact the customer service.

6 What types of debit or credit cards do you accept?

At the moment, we can only accept embossed Mastercard, Visa or American Express cards.

7 How can I start charging?

As you can read in the app, first slide the arrow and then connect the cable to your car. Please do not go for coffee until you have connected the cable, because approximately after 1 minute, everything is reset, and you can start the process all over again.

8 What happens if I do not put the plug back in the charger immediately after charging?

In this case, other users will see the connector’s status as faulty or busy, so they will not be able to go there and charge. It’s the other way around, it wouldn’t be okay for you either, so please do this as soon as possible.

9 What can I do if I can't start charging in the app?

Basically, we mark the statuses of the connectors with 4 colors (green-available, gray-unavailable, blue-in use, and red-faulty), you may not have noticed anything here. If this is not the problem:
As a good old IT help desk habit, we can also ask you to restart the app first 😊
If this does not solve the problem, please have your car checked and if this does not help either, call customer service.

10 Can I use chargers with Tesla?

If you have a car that does not have a CCS connector, you can use the CHAdeMO connectors with an adapter. In this case, you need to bring this adapter with you.

11 How long does ULTRA DC charging take?

Based on our experiences so far, the average duration of a DC charging session is 30 minutes, during which the 50kW nominal charging power is taken. On this basis, electric vehicles that support 75kW charging power can save up to 50% of time.Of course, this also depends on many other factors, like: weather conditions, car battery temperature, battery level or speed of data communication.

12 What does ULTRA DC charging mean?

At the moment, you can purchase units of charging. Normal AC charging is HUF 1,990 and high-power DC charging is HUF 2,990.

13 What types of chargers are available and for what vehicle models can they be used?

For charging at home, Type 1 (e.g. for Nissan LEAF, Kia Soul, Peugeot Ion) or Type 2 (Mennekes) connectors (e.g. for Tesla Model S, VW eGolf, Renault Zoe) are available.

Two types of direct-current (DC) chargers are widely used in Europe. The CHAdeMO system, developed by Japanese car manufacturers, is used by Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, Citroen and Peugeot, while the CCS connector, an upgraded version of the Type 2 connector, is mainly supported by European car manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen. To charge a Tesla Model S, an adapter can be used for the CHAdeMO connector.

14 I have an Opel Ampera; will I be able to charge it?

It’s possible that the Type 2/Type 1 adapter cable supplied by the manufacturer in the Opel Ampera’s accessories may not be able to be used to start the charging process. The reason for this is that one of the pins on the Type 2 adapter cable’s connector was made shorter by the manufacturer, meaning proper physical contact is not made. This is due to a safety requirement because the manufacturer recommends using a normal AC charger for this model. An adapter cable is commercially available that can be used to start the charging process for this model.

15 Do you hear strange, seemingly abnormal noises or a loud, fan-like sound coming from the charger and don’t know what to do?

If this happens, we would be grateful if you would report it to our assistants at the station. It is also worth noting that the charger’s cooling fans may start up during normal operation. They emit a clearly audible noise which is a part of normal operation so, in such cases, the charging session should not be interrupted and the emergency stop button should also not be used.

16 What does AC charging mean?

AC charging means ‘alternating-current’ charging. Due to the low capacity of the inverters built into vehicles, there are very few cars that are able to use its full output. They are usually capable of delivering an output below 50kW, their standard output being 22kW; however, some car models (e.g. Renault), are able to reach higher electricity input levels using AC as well.

17 How long does AC charging take?

It depends on the battery’s capacity and its level of charge. Current statistics show that it takes 1 to 1.5 hours for our customers to charge their cars in one sitting.

18 What does DC charging mean?

DC charging means ‘direct-current’ charging. Chargers with a capacity over 40kW are called ‘fast chargers’. These are usually direct-current (DC) chargers.

19 How long does DC charging take?

It depends on the battery’s capacity and its level of charge. Current statistics show that it takes 25 to 35 minutes for our customers to charge their cars in one sitting.

20 What is the meaning of the icons below the notifications?

The small letter icon indicates an email notification. The small phone icon is a push notification.

21 How can I use the QR code, which is on the charger?

You can also open it from an application, but if the app is not downloaded, we will still redirect you to the driver portal, from where you can select the right connector for you. By the way, you can also scan it with your phone's camera or with any third-party QR code reader app.

22 Why do I see the booking option in the app when I can't use it?

This feature is not available yet, we are working on the implementation of the service.

23 How accurate is the data displayed on the app screen during charging?

These are estimates, so the data on the receipt is always authoritative.

24 How do I get an invoice automatically?

As an occasional user, you will automatically receive an invoice to your email address after charging. If you are a registered user in the application, set up “Billing and Payments” notifications under Notifications on the driver portal.

25 How long do I have to wait for the invoice to appear within the app?

For iOS, an icon will appear indicating charging, so while it spins, you have nothing to do, you have to wait, but then the invoice will appear.
For Android, there is no such icon, but the invoice is loaded in the background.

26 For AC charging, is there a charger where I need to bring a cable?

Yes, we have chargers where there is only a socket for AC charging on the poles. Such equipment can be found at Golgota tér and Árpád fejedelem útja MOL service stations in Budapest.

27 Does it indicate an error if that little icon keeps “spinning” while charging?

No, this indicates that the charging process is in progress. This is also indicated by the continuous running of the counter.

28 What does the small triangle next to the distance between each charger on the main screen or in the list view on the Find a charger subpage indicate?

Points of the compass 😊

29 Why can't I download the app to my phone?

As we also state in our Terms and Conditions, it is compatible with operating systems with Android version 5.0 or higher. For iOS it is compatible with operating systems version 12.4 or higher.

For jailbroken or virus-infected phones, we cannot guarantee that the download and the application itself will work – even if you were able to download it.

You may not have all the software up to date on your device, or you may only have downloads enabled on a Wi-Fi network.

The application has been made available in the following countries:

If the problem persists, please send the following information to our customer service:
- brand and type of device
- operating system type and version
- card-dependent or card
- independent phone
- where you bought the device (country).

30 I had a problem registering in the app, what can I do?

Please write to the Customer Service where you got stuck, in the meantime try to register on our driver portal.

31 I wasn’t properly informed at the filling stations, what can I do? I don't fully understand pricing, what can I do?

In all cases, please check our current prices in the app, on our website, on the charger or in our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, call Customer Service, we will be happy to help!

32 Can I start charging with a MOL fuel card through an application?

You can't now. You can buy the service with a fuel card in the shop.

33 The app crashes while charging or goes into "offline mode", what should I do?

In such cases, please check your internet connection first. If the error persists, please try restarting the app. There may be temporary communication errors.
If this does not work, please call Customer Service.

34 What can I do if a connector appears in the app with “unknown connection” status, but I need to charge it at that location?

If this is the case, we recommend that you look for the nearest working charger in the app. If your range does not allow this, you can buy a charging service in the shop during the opening hours of the given Service Station.

35 What can I do if a connector appears in the app with the status “not available”, “waiting to be replaced” or “under repair” but I need to charge it at that location?

If this is the case, we recommend that you find the nearest working charger in the app, otherwise in this case, unfortunately, you will not be able to charge on that column.

36 What can I do if the charging stopped earlier than the size of the package, I bought at the Service Station shop?

Let Customer Service know, we will investigate the case and, if justified, refund the difference.

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